The Operation is Very Simple;

Players who will participate in the tournament will first fill out the participation form here and then stake the ExeOdium Token.

Staking stages will be explained to you in detail.

The tournament staking period will be 1 week.

Buy ExeOdium, stake for 1 week, then join the tournament and earn at least 5x the stake.

Once the tournaments are over, all staked funds will be distributed back to their owners.

Even if you lose in the tournament, you will not lose anything.

We will meet the rewards with ExeOdium Token, which is in our Company's own wallet.

Get your place now and win prizes by playing your favorite games!

Stake Pool

Each player completes the purchase of the Exeodium token, which is the security deposit of the tournaments, according to the instructions. Just before the tournaments start, the players deposit the Exeodium Tokens they have received as collateral into the stake pool that will be created.

In individual and team tournaments, players are informed about the conditions of participation and how many tokens they need to stake on our website and e-mail address.

The approximate staking time varies, but these times are designed not to exceed 1 week. The functioning of long-term stake pools is not the same as tournament stake pools. After each tournament, the amount deposited together with the stake earnings will be returned to the wallet.

Tournament Winner Awards

The prizes of each individual/team tournament winner will be sent to their wallet accounts as EXEODIUM tokens. In team games, the winning team players will be sent to their own wallet account.

Our project will organize global tournaments and the prizes will be distributed according to the EXEODIUM token rate. Award valuation; The game will be determined by the number of participants, category and rank.

Investors will be able to earn their earnings through stake pools and advertising. With the priority and EXEODIUM awards we will offer to all our investors who participate in advertising activities, we provide profit to our powerful investors.

Tournament Participation Form

Thank You :)

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